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Sue Thomas F.B.Eye Fanatics!

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13th November 2009

laurak231:43pm: Get Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye on DVD!
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye is NOW ON DVD!!!

Yes, you can order the Region 1 dvds from Integrity Direct! You can find them online, or order by voice (voice relay is available)!

The first set contains the 2 hour pilot episode plus the next 10 episodes of season 1! You get all this, plus bonus features for only $19.99 plus shipping!

If these sets sell well, they will begin releasing the rest on dvd! Let's MAKE IT HAPPEN!

You can find out more info on the following sites:


And don't forget, if you get the Gospel Music Channel, Sue Thomas airs every weekday at 4 and 8pm! Find out more here!
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21st September 2009

inluvwithjc2:32pm: HI everyone
Suethomas FBeye is now on the gospel music channel on direct TV at 3pm central now lol and you can also watch it on you tube lol :)
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4th April 2009

laurak233:33pm: Sue & the gang will be back on tv!
Animal Planet here in the US is going to start airing the series starting this Monday at 8pm! Then, after that, the normal timeslot will be Mondays at 9pm. According to suethomasfbeye.com, they may even be interested in making NEW episodes if the show does well!!

Let's try to get the word out and hopefully people will watch and who knows - maybe we will have some new episodes! Or, at the very least, maybe we can FINALLY get this show on dvd!!

You can find more info here: http://www.locatetv.com/tv/sue-thomas-fbeye
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14th October 2008

_tiger_saver_9:43pm: Guess who I just saw?
...on TV, that is!

Yannick Bisson is now in a CIBC commercial. :)

Just thought you might want to know what he's up to!

6th January 2008

swordpoker12:40pm: Yannick!
So um I don't know if this has been posted on RFF.net yet as I don't have that bookmarked on this computer but I just read the computer and spazzed out.

Sunday, January 27 - Murdoch Mysteries (CityTV which may be A Channel in some parts of Canada) !!!!!!

31st March 2007

bigrivermusical11:23pm: Deanne will be on Law & Order: CI this Tuesday
The episode is called "Silencer." You can see the preview clip on NBC site.


BTW she is performing in a new ASL musical in LA starting today! Break a leg, Deanne :)

25th March 2007

napalm_isis2:34am: 29 Icons
ST:FBE Sue2  ST:FBE Sue4  ST:FBE S/J 1

Credit, Comment and all the good jazz

22nd January 2007

bigrivermusical9:26pm: Deanne Bray will be in Sleeping Beauty Wakes
Hi, if you are in L.A. or in So Cal, Deanne will be in a new ASL musical called Sleeping Beauty Wakes with her husband, Troy from March 31st through May 14th at Kirk Douglas Theatre!! I'll go to see the show and hope to see you there!
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4th January 2007

_tiger_saver_2:38pm: Sue on CTV
Hi! Looks like nobody's posted here in a while, so I thought I would. :P
Just a note to all canadian fans, you can now watch STFBE on CTV weekdays at 2 pm ET (11 am Central).
Yay! This is definetly a good sign! :)

Current Mood: excited

22nd October 2006

terkam11:26am: Banner
My friend, who likes STFBE, too made this "banner". She would  post it here, but she doesn't speak speak English so she requested me if I can. The text is slovakian title for the show. Hope you will enjoy  it!

2nd September 2006

cannellfan10:29am: Sue gone...or not
I was concerned that STFBEye had disappeared from PAX (or "I" or whatever they want to call themselves) and been replaced by "Mama's Family" in its Monday through Thursday at 7:00 (CST) slot.

It appears to still be airing Saturday evenings, in a 3-hour block. Or at least it is this weekend! And they're finally airing the one episode I was still missing from my self-DVDed collection -- "The Fraternity"!
Current Mood: relieved

22nd July 2006

swordpoker6:07pm: Okay. I've been informed my last post is false, but I decided I'd leave it up anyway. Sorry about that. ^^
swordpoker5:04pm: You heard it here first
Q: Recently, I watched CSI and an actor named Rick Peters was in it. He also is a regular in Sue Thomas: FBEye.He has an Australian accent on Sue Thomas but not on CSI. I was wondering if his accent was real?

A: Though Peters was born in Detroit in 1966, his family moved to England when he was 2. They lived there until he was 8, when the family moved back to Michigan. When Peters was 9, his family moved to Australia, where they lived for the next five years. Consequently, he has a bit of a mid-Atlantic or mid-Pacific accent.

28th June 2006

amyheartssiroc10:10pm: Hi! I'm new! *waves*
I used to be a huge fan of STFBE, and I'm just starting to get into the show again, so I thought I'd join this community, except that it seems dead. :(

Anyway, I thought I might share my Sue Thomas fanfic:

Every Moment - Jack/Sue, missing scene/tag for "Simon Says."
Rejection - Howie/Sue unrequited, Howie's thoughts after Sue rejects him.

I'm also curious to see if anyone has copies of the PAX series Just Cause. I've been looking for it, but have been unable to find it. Thanks!

29th April 2006

candynsweets5:43pm: Deanne Bray links
Is advertising allowed? This is STFBEYE related. 
I posted the link to this community over there so I guess it's fair.


*The place is actually a part of: www.deannebray.za.net
jpmarauder8:03pm: Icons
Greetings to the rather 'dead comm'. ;p I come bearing STFBE icons! Follow the fake cut. :D

24th April 2006

deafboyforgod5:00pm: Hi!
Hey, I really like SueThomasF.B.Eye. I like to make up a story right now but I can't and am busy right now.
Maybe you would like to know me more because I am a Christian.
Current Mood: happy

15th April 2006

swordpoker12:48pm: 1Sentence
I completed my claim for Myles/Lucy. It can be seen here:

PG, general spoilers

(ex: Blessing - Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, even now she wasn't quite sure)

16th March 2006

ladydetective6:39pm: Hi, I am new here, but I just wanted to share some things about me. I have only become a Sue Thomas FBEye fan over the past few months or so, but I am in love. My name is Clarie, I am in my mid-teens. I am learning ASL, and I was very pleased and suprised to find a show on the air that combine my two of my favorite things, law enforcement and sign language. I am a very nice person, and I always like making new friends. I am also wondering a few things about the show. Do they sell seasons of Sue Thomas FBEye, and is the show still making new episodes? Thanks.

12th March 2006

swordpoker1:23pm: Sort of inspired by rff.net Spring challenge.

Chance Of (rain

Sue. Gen. G.

Going under prompt 5, Outsides for ff100Collapse )


11th February 2006

swordpoker6:22pm: Fic
New fic, by me, located here.

Would love your opinion, as it is an experiment.

A note that there is an evening STFBE on CTV, Did She or Didn't She at 8 EST.

26th January 2006

lovelyladyjane11:06pm: Sue Thomas RPG
If anyone's interested, I've set up a Role Playing Game on PlayByWeb.  I need someone to play the following characters: -Sue Thomas -Jack Hudson -Bobby Manning -Dimitrius Gans -Lucy Dotson -Myles Leland III If there's any secondary characters I missed, and you wish to add them, please do. Your own characters are welcome as well, and in those cases, you don't need to be a huge fan of the show. But if you're going to take on the persona of one of the main character's I will ask that you have watched a few of the episodes.
Current Mood: accomplished

19th January 2006

lindz840312:06pm: 5 Sue Thomas FBI Icons Here...
  • 5 Sue Thomas FBI
  • 10 L Word
  • 5 Lost featuring Ana



The rest are HERE....

Current Mood: impressed

13th January 2006

randomprecision11:13pm: 100 STFBE icons
For the past ten weeks I've been making Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye icons for the icons100 community. I just completed the challenge today, and so you can now find 100 "Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye" icons right here. :)


( Click here to see all 100. )

11th January 2006

swordpoker4:35pm: Title: Death (I'm so creative eh?)
Fandom: Sue Thomas: FBEye (General)
Characters : Tara Williams, Lucy Dotson
Prompt: 030. Death
Word Count : 426
Rating : PG
Summary: Tara goes to a funeral.
Notes: So I broke my prompt promise which was to go in order. Oh well. Also, this is not a major character death. As much as I would have loved to write one, this was what popped into my head.

All my prompts (thus far) are separate, stand alone pieces.

My Damn Table.

Tara, she tells herself firmly, you are going to a funeral.Collapse )

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